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Contents / A day on Divanyolu

The Divanyolu is the avenue connecting the Beyazit and Sultanahmet Squares. When he took the throne in 323, Constantine wanted to make Byzantium the new capital of Rome , and this is where he started, on the avenue then known as the Mese. This avenue, along which the emperor soon had walls, monuments, cisterns, palaces, hippodromes and the famous Çemberlitas or 'Hooped Column' (the Constantine monument) erected, took on a special significance with the addition of the Hagia Sophia, the splendid monument built by Justinian.

The avenue, which became the 'Divanyolu' with the Turkish conquest of Istanbul , began to be adorned now with Ottoman monuments. In time the Ottoman and Byzantine structures learned to accommodate each other, holding their own against fires, earthquakes, and rebellions right up

to the present-those still standing glad to be alive though filled with grief for the departed.

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