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Contents / Land of the Honey Girl Aspendos

They call me 'Bal kiz' or the 'Honey Girl'. The village of Belkis , near the ruins of the city of Aspendos , built on a mountain at one end of the Perge Plain, took its name from me. What I am going to tell you is the story of myself and of my beautiful city, Aspendos. Although legend has it that I am the daughter of the Queen of Bees and the King of Snakes and that my father had this palace built for me, my real story goes like this: My father, the king of Aspendos, organized a contest to see who would best serve the city. Whoever won would have the right to marry me. At the end of the competition, one of the candidates had built the city's aqueducts, ensuring that water was brought from afar. Another had built the theatre. As my father was touring the theatre, he was just about to decide the winning candidate when he heard a voice say, "The king's daughter will be mine." The speaker was none other than Xenon, architect of the theatre and my future husband, speaking in a whisper on the stage of the building of whose acoustics he was rightly proud.

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