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Contents / Torch of the Empire Mouradgea d'Ohsson

I n past centuries many European travellers wrote books about the Ottoman Empire and illustrated them with engravings. But Mouradgea d'Ohsson's Tableau Général de l'Empire Othoman stands out from the others, because the writer was himself an Ottoman. Ignatius Mouradgea d'Ohsson (Muradcan Tosunyan) was the son of a Levantine mother from Izmir and an Armenian Catholic father. In 1763 he became interpreter to the Swedish Embassy in Istanbul , and after some years was appointed adviser to the ambassador, and for a time served as chargé d'affaires. The Swedish king Gustaf III gave him the Vasa order, both on account of his long and successful career as a trusted embassy official, and his key role in realising the Ottoman-Swedish Trade and Amity Agreement. Upon receiving his new title Muradcan Tosunyan took the name Mouradgea d'Ohsson.

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