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Contents / Bursa City Museum

I was in Bursa yesterday. I lived through centuries, millennia actually, in a single day. First I met a shepherd, driven from his country into exile here because the animals he was grazing trespassed on the ruler's garden. But he had absolutely no regrets. In a luxuriant green environment where a magnificent, towering mountain gushed restorative spring waters, what more could he want? He lived comfortably here, and his descendants went on to develop the village he founded. Then the Lydians set foot on these lands, and the Phrygians. They invented something called money. From now on urban people wouldn't barter but would do their trading with metal coins. One of their noblemen enthusiastically taught the village folk the new alphabet that had been invented. Years passed. New peoples arrived in the city via Thrace and the Straits. The Bithynians, for example, ruled by King Prusias, whose soldiers easily captured the citadel. Together with their people they would build a brand new city here. Again the centuries passed in the twinkling of an eye, and the Romans turned up, opening spas all over the place. Bursa became one of Anatolia 's major therapy centers.

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