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Contents / Crown of the world Prague

When she dons her spring flowers, Prague becomes an enchanted garden and all you can do is surrender.

Before going to Prague, I thought a long time about what should I pack. Probably Cinderella's glass slippers would be best for touring this fairytale land, one of the world's most beautiful cities since the Middle Ages. Or should I borrow Puss'n'Boots' magic boots? The latter made more sense. In a single hop over the Vltava River that divides the city in two, I would jump from the Old Town to the Lesser Town and, without slowing down, leap from there to Prague Castle and watch the sun set over the city. In the end, of course, I was realistic and decided on my sensible old walking shoes. They say that the way to the heart of a city lies in getting lost in its streets. I took along a map nonetheless.

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