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Contents / Beyond East and West Sertab Erener
Symbol of Turkey since winning first place at Eurovision, Sertab Erener is declaring 'no boundaries' in her new album. My first encounter with her was at Eurovision. It was 1989. Perhaps she only came in third in the eliminations in Turkey, but she left us all spellbound with her voice. Then in 1992 her first album came out, 'Sakin Ol', Be Calm. She was so 'calm' that she only made an album every couple of years. We listened to more of her albums: 'Lâl' in 1994, 'Sertab Gibi' in 1996, 'Sertab' in 1999, and 'Turuncu' in 2001. She captured our hearts every time with her lyrics and melodies. We dove into the traffic with her in 'Seyrüsefer'. We learned that 'Love is the real thing' in 'Aslolan Ask'. We heard her haunting 'Masal' tales. Everywhere we went, we heard her belting it out: "I need a new job, a new love, a new reason to laugh." We listened with awe to her duets with Jose Carreras and Ricky Martin. Then she broke Turkey's long streak of bad luck and won us first place in the Eurovision Song Contest. From then on she became a symbol of Turkey. And now she is pursuing new dreams again with her latest album, which she made in English, 'No Boundaries', soon to be distributed in Europe.
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