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Contents / Homer’s epic comes to the big screen

The film Troy is inspired by Homer's Illiad and tells the story of war and heroism. A story more of people than of war, of war more than of people. An elegy to a searing conflagration, with hearts, faces and bodies. Battles without well-defined foes, where violence evolves into poetry, poetry into violence, and the flame of hate and vengeance is turned to ashes and back to flames; where honor and self-interest, blinding fury and pleas for mercy fuse into a whole: the Iliad.

The lyrical epic, created by Homer, poet of Izmir, in the 8th century B.C., has been adapted to the wide screen for people of the 21st century. Homer's story of the Trojan wars will of course be told differently on screen. According to producer and director Wolfgang Petersen, however, the unchanging universal emphasis will be felt at all times: "Although our film has been staged in a way never seen before with tens of

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