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Contents / Eurovision Song Contest

The world's most long-lived song contest, Eurovision is being hosted this year by last year's winner, Turkey, in Istanbul.

B ringing happiness or disappointment, it has riveted Europeans to their television screens for years-Eurovision, the world's oldest and most famous song contest. Only a few days remain until this year's contest, the 49th, and the countdown has already begun. Excitement will soon peak, especially in Turkey, which last year for the first time captured top place in this contest it originally entered back in 1975. As last year's winner, Turkey is hosting this year's contest, which therefore holds special meaning for the country and special excitement for its entry, 'For Real', sung by the country's popular musical group Athena in their own inimitable style.

The location of this gargantuan enterprise is Istanbul, the venue the Abdi Ipekçi Spor Salonu, a sports complex covering an area of 5,712 square meters with a seating

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