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Contents / Adrasan

The Bay of Adrasan, whose spellbinding beauty attracts nature lovers, is one of the Mediterranean's hidden treasures. A nyone who has gone from Antalya to Kumluca will know. About 100 km down the road when you look in the direction of the sea, a lake appears, surrounded by green mountains with a beach in the shape of a bow. If you heed the irresistible call of the water and take the sharply curving road from the turnoff for Olimpos, a pleasant surprise awaits you. The 22-km road goes first to Çavusköy, then, winding through orange groves and greenhouses, it ends at a bay with pine trees nestled against the Beydaglari mountains. This is Adrasan Bay, which preserves its splendid beauty like a precious treasure, offering its blessings only to privileged nature lovers.

The buildings at Adrasan, which was incorporated as a township in 1996, have been withdrawn 100 m from the shore in keeping with a new zoning ordinance. The 2-km strip of beach lined with hotels, pensions and restaurants is

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