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BURHAN FELEK - Journalist (1889-1982)

At the end of 1943, in other words, towards the middle of the Second World War, the government of India invited some Turkish journalists to visit the country... There were six of us: the late Necmettin Sadak, Falih Rifki, Muvaffak Menemencioglu, Burhan Belge, Selâhattin Arbel and myself.

I didn't know how we were going to get to India. First we went from Istanbul to Ankara... We stayed a night in Ankara and set out by train via Adana to Baghdad. This leg of the journey was not that attractive... Still, it was safe. I was afraid of flying in those days, especially in wartime...

We stayed a few days in Baghdad... Finally we learned that we were going to take an English plane from a place called Habbâniye, about 70-80 km from Baghdad. When we reached Habbâniye by car, we realized that we had arrived at a British military headquarters.

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