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Contents / Child and sage Münir Özkul

Münir Özkul, a master whose presence on stage was not just physical but emotional as well…

It’s unique to theatre: The curtain opens, you perform and the curtain closes. Immortality lasts only as long as the play and after that your only hope is to trust in the memory of the spectators. "I saw him on stage; he was larger than life" or "No one ever played the part like he did"… Even these comments only last as long as the spectator lives and, on the off chance that they tell their children about it, one generation more. After that, it is all lost. That is why theater carries with it a certain amount of pain or it might be better to say "carried." Now technology - video, VCD, DVD - is able to freeze theatre and make it eternal, but Münir Özkul’s theatrical talent has always been separate from the moments and photographs that time and image were unable to capture. It is for this reason that the following rejoinder always comes to mind when Münir Özkul is mentioned: "What is an actor anyway?

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