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Contents / The art of waves Falezler Cliffs
After leaving Antalya’s Yacht Harbor by boat and following the cliffs that stretch along 13 kilometers of the coastline, what do you say to plunging into their deep caves?

As you enter Antalya you are greeted by a sign that says “Altitude: 30.” This 30-meter difference between sea level and the city is the height of the cliffs on which it is built. These cliffs, which set Antalya apart from other coastal towns, are 13 kilometers long and from 30 to 50 meters high, a sight well worth taking in for the visitor.
And the easiest way to enjoy the cliffs from up close is to make a short trip by sea. To do that, it’s enough to go down to Antalya’s oldest harbor, now called the Yacht Harbor, and cock an ear for the boatmen’s call “Selaleye gider”—“To the waterfall!” And after your boat leaves, filled with tourists from a variety of countries, all you have to do is lean back and let your eyes wander.
On this boat trip you will have a chance to see not only the cliffs, every square meter of which is a natural wonder, but also a number of points that dot them.

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