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Contents / Three centuries of European Fashion

Shedding light on 300 years of European fashion history, Alexandre Vassiliev’s collection is a source of inspiration to today’s designers.

For centuries fashion has influenced millions of people of every race, religion and class, determining not only their outward appearance but even their way of thinking. Stage and costume designer Alexandre Vassiliev defines fashion’s irresistible allure as follows: “Century after century, decade after decade, year after year, even season after season, fashion - a form of a collective madness - dictates every particular aspect of our life styles. Changes of fashion affect such disparate areas of human life as medicine and health, the style of a house and area we live in, the music we listen to, and the plays we watch; the type of food we eat, even the breed of dog we own. Moreover, fashion has the power to make a theory, a book, a diet, a sport, an actress, a perfume, a hairdo, an expression, even a whole country popular!”

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