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Contents / The Westerner of the East Singapore

With its driverless subways, $25,200 per capita income and smoothly running business centers, Singapore is among the most westernized countries in Asia.

Most of my acquaintances live in identical high-rises, work or shop in towering skyscrapers, and ride in air-conditioned subways or buses with television. Singapore is a Westernized, ultramodern, orderly island nation in Southeast Asia, neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. The prevalence of technology in its daily life is quite a surprise for those who expect an exotic Asian country: driverless subways, automatically flushing toilets, and air conditioning not only on the buses but everywhere. In a country where the average temperature is 35 degrees centigrade (95 degrees Fahrenheit) and the humidity can reach 90%, air conditioning is as much a part of life as water, food and sleep.
Singapore’s recorded history starts in the 7th century as a fishing town.

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