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Contents / Colour of calm seas Turquoise

Every summer the sea paints us the colour of its heart, the colour turquoise, the colour of love.

Turquoise combines the rough ocean’s dark blue with the calm of the tamer sea, where fugitives from the madding urban crowd seek soothing silence.
There is a sense in which the turquoise sea is like a hope chest created by a god, its colours varying with your mood, revealing subtler hues, the blues and greens flowing from its heart whipped to white foam when they strike your shores. These are the waters on which the Ulysses of mythology set sail, the waters traversed by the Argonauts in their quest for the golden fleece, the waters where Io, hounded by the wrathful Zeus, found respite. It was over these waters that Shakespeare sent Desdemona to Othello. And the great naval battles in which many a 15th century European admiral learned to accept defeat were fought on these waters, where the world’s most magnificent fleets once set sail for the open seas.

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