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Contents / Land of spacious skies Bodrum
Bodrum has a seductive beauty. Just when you think you’ve come only for a holiday, you suddenly find yourself packing up and moving to one of its coves.

It has a music all its own... Bodrum, a magnificent patch of earth no words can describe, so beautiful are its colors, its scent, its texture. The refreshing sea breeze has just the divine dose of humidity to temper the summer’s most merciless heat. The endless blue coves envelop you in silence against the center’s madding crowd... The blue that takes on a different hue at every step, drawing you in, and as you plunge, enfolds you in another world. Even if you visit Bodrum only once, your dreams will be forever coloured by its deep blues, its dazzling whites and the varied hues of its bougainvillea. With its charming narrow streets, houses decked with flowers, its olive trees, its castle and museums that house some of the wonders of the world, its monumental tomb and ancient theatre, its bars, taverns, cafes and restaurants, its street artists, and its goulets and yachts, Bodrum greets every season with gaiety.

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