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Contents / Step by step through Anatolia Minicity

Antalya’s new Minicity reveals the mysteries of Anatolia
in a series of 1:25 scale models!

“ I gave Noah cradles / Swings, hammocks. / Only yesterday your Eve was a child / I am Anatolia. / Do you know me?” So writes the Turkish poet Ahmed Arif in his poem, ‘Anatolia’. How many things have been said about Anatolia over the millennia... Epics, legends, poems, songs and laments have followed each other in rapid succession. And when a new day dawned and writing was invented, libraries full of books superseded the tradition of oral literature, in which stories acquired new meaning with every re-telling. Some inscribed on stone tablets, some written on parchment, some on paper...
And then there is the Anatolia that tells itself. Through the stories incised on its mountains and stones, thirsting to be told. The lands on which we live are the lands where life began; as a result, they harbour the world’s richest civilisations.

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