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Contents / MEHMET BARLAS - journalist

If I were a pilot, I would want to be like Saint-Exupery

When Istanbul’s first skyscrapers began stretching towards the heavens at the end of the 1980’s, the antis-skyscraper activists began raising their voices in dissent. I remember one of the them saying “If God had wanted us to live so high up in the sky, he would have given us wings.” Who knows what was said by these folks’ grandfathers when airplanes first began soaring into the skies.
Have you even been on an airplane with someone who is flying for the first time? Well, it happened to me. I was on a flight from Istanbul to Munich. I had a window seat. There was a elderly covered Anatolian woman sitting next to me. She was going to see her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. A while later I asked this elderly lady to let me by to go to the restroom… She moved over so I could get past. When I had relieved myself and returned, I saw that the elderly lady had moved over into my seat by the window.

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