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Contents / Anatolian folk singer Neset Ertas

Neset Ertas captures hearts with his Turkish folk songs. Through his voice and his instrument, he continues to pass along traditional values to future generations.

When Neset Ertas was asked in an interview how many songs he had composed, he replied, “However many our people have adopted.” The fact is that untold numbers of his folk songs have been interpreted by numerous singers, many of them becoming quite popular. Who knows how many people remember and interpret his songs time and time again despite his having lived almost thirty years in Germany out of the public eye? Perhaps the secret lies in his own words: “From heart to heart there is an unseen way / That goes from soul to soul in secret”...

Together with the other master musicians who live in and around Kirsehir, Neset Ertas, after Muharrem Ertas, Haci Tasan and Çekiç Ali, is the leading representative today of the Abdals (tribal nomads who make a living as musicians),

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