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Contents / Voluntary lunacy The amusement park

The amusement park, bastion of those who resist time’s relentless flow by having a ball.

Backpacks on our backs, we entered the amusement park weary and exhausted like saddled horses and collapsed on the grass. We ate green grapes, white cheese and warm bread under a palm tree. I leaned back against the tree, she rested her head on my knees. We relaxed. Soon we heard the shrieks of the amusement park. Like crazed birds, the revellers were hurling themselves over a precipice before being caught up short on the hook of their own screams.
The mad hullaballoo enveloped us too. We got up and bought two tickets. We were going to ride the ‘Kamikaze’. Emptying our pockets and bags, we handed the bags over to the kamikaze operator and took our places. Our pockets were empty, our IDs gone. We were going to our death?

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