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Contents / Doctor and traveler Nadir Paksoy
It’s two in one, a profession and a dream. And why not? Prof. Dr. Nadir Paksoy is a doctor who roams the continents to practice his profession.

Born in Istanbul in 1952, Prof. Dr. Nadir Paksoy is a specialist in cytopathology, the science of cells. In keeping with his name (Nadir means ‘rare’ in Turkish), he has a rare characteristic: he has combined his profession with the thing he loves most, traveling. Practicing medicine over a broad geography stretching from the Pacific islands and Australia to Norway, even India, he has collected his memoirs and impressions in five books. And a new one is on the way. The professor, who currently works at his own Cytographica Cyto-Pathology Diagnostic Center in Kocaeli, takes us on a journey to completely different realms...

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