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Contents / Yediburunlar

At Yediburunlar nature and history stand eye to eye, as do the cliffs and golden sands bathed in sunlight.

Because the route of the Fethiye-Kas highway is inland, most people are not aware of the treasures hidden along the stretch of coastline from Ölüdeniz (the Dead Sea) to Patara. Here, if you only know how to look, you will find green forests dipping their branches in the blue of the Mediterranean, virgin inlets each more beautiful than the last, capes extending into the sea with the intricacy of lace, and a trove of ancient ruins.

I first discovered Yediburunlar (Seven Capes) while hiking along the trail known as the Lycian Road. As we came to the village of Alýnca, having emerged from an inlet named for squash, the sight of the pineclad hills between Karacaburun (Cape Karaca) and Yediburunbasi (the start of the Seven Capes),

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