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Contents / The tart and the sweet Fruits

The fruit and fruit juices used in many desserts as well as hot dishes are the crowning glory of the Eastern cuisines. And the secret lies in using them in season.

Probably no other fresh food has been the subject of as many technological advances as fruit. For, due to people’s great love of fruit, producers have resorted to all possible technologies to extend the fruit production season and to preserve the original freshness of the end product.

Agricultural techniques have developed to such a level today that fruit of equal size and maturity is now being produced to satisfy needs for easy packaging, shipping and storage. And ripening under human control rather than on the tree is unfortunately a bitter fact of life today. Despite such economic constraints however, it must not be forgotten that there are entrepreneurs who employ large refrigerated trucks that pull up right alongside fruit orchards and gardens to store the ripe fruit virtually the minute it is picked.

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