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Contents / Kizildag National Park

Overlapping Isparta and Konya provinces, Kizildag National Park combines mountain and lake, cave and canyon, island and cliff.
Autumn is coming to Kizildag National Park. The first light of morning strikes Lake Beysehir, which lies between the mountains like a giant overturned mirror. Soon carp, water snakes, swallows, and wild geese nesting among the reeds will wake up. The boats of the fishermen setting out to collect the nets they laid the night before will shatter the reflection of the clouds on the water. In the distance, on the slopes of Mt Dedegöl, the nomads, come up from Serik for the summer, will begin their preparations to return.
Autumn is coming to Kizildag National Park. The song of poppy, wheat and apricot is long over, and the scent of apples permeates the orchards. The Forest Rangers, who keep watch every day on the summit of Kizildag, are glad the trees will soon be spared summer’s heat.As I drink tea with them and extend my fork to the cheese and tomatoes, I survey the view stretched out below, as if an artist had come and painted it:

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