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Contents / Authentic and original Çomakdag

With its four-day weddings, famous silk textiles, and stone houses, each a work of art, Çomakdag is a different world, just a stone’s throw from Bodrum.

Y ou’ve made up your mind to take advantage of the Aegean sun, sea and natural beauty and you’ve hit on Bodrum. After a few days in the sun you sport a rich bronze tan. You start looking around the neighborhood for something different to do. Just like us...
During our holiday in Bodrum we learned that just 60 km away in the direction of Milas there’s a village that for centuries has preserved such ancient traditions as stone houses with intriguing chimneys, elaborate woodwork interiors, and silk textiles. It’s name? Çomakdag (aka Kizilagaç), a mountain village that continues to embrace its old traditions despite its close proximity to hectic Bodrum. Why? Nobody knows. But the natives call themselves “grandsons of the Vikings”. We’ve can’t wait to go there.

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