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Around their necks, in their ears and on their fingers, women’s messages and expectations are conveyed in the jewelry that enhances their beauty.

T he wearing of jewelry is a tradition going back to the earliest periods of history. The desire to appear powerful, imposing and majestic provides reason enough to adorn oneself with jewelry. People in every region of the world have produced their own unique jewelry in accordance with their beliefs, traditions and taste, thereby giving rise to a rich jewelry culture all over the globe. The jewelry created by the many belief systems of the past cultures of Anatolia, cradle of civilizations, exhibits a dazzling variety.

The use of jewelry in Anatolia dates back to the Neolithic (8000-5500 B.C.) We can follow this tradition in descriptions and archaeological findings from the oldest cultures, such as the Hittite, Assyrian, Urartu, Lydian, Phrygian, ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine.

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