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Contents / A Festival of Fish

It starts on September 1st: Istanbul’s first Festival of Fish, aimed at reviving the long history and matchless flavors of the city’s fish culture.
Istanbul, eternal refuge of the world’s tastiest fish... The Black Sea on one side, the Marmara on the other, and running between them the Bosphorus... A paradise that has been home to hundreds of varieties of fish ever since mankind first discovered this geography... From the blue fish that burst out of Byzantine legend and the bonito, crowning glory of Ottoman cuisine, to the humble scad, sustenance of the poor, and the mackerel, powerhouse of good health, Istanbul is the main stop for many a tasty fish!
So why don’t fish, which have been a major component of Istanbul cuisine down the centuries, attract the interest they once did? Why don’t we follow in the footsteps of this culture, which comes to us from the depths of the sea, as closely as we used to do? What if we did something about it, organized a Festival of Fish, for example?
Couldn’t we get the whole world to recognize the Bosphorus’ incredible wealth of fish?

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