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Dear Guests,
December 17th was a date as momentous for the European Union as it was for Turkey. The fact that our country is starting membership negotiations for the European Union this year is a great source of joy for our Partnership, which has already been closely involved with Europe for many years. The further development of our relationship with the 45 European cities to which close to 70% of our international flights are realized represents an important opportunity for the more rapid growth of Turkish Airlines. And last December will always be remembered as a significant milestone for us as well. Thanks to its flexible strategy and savings program, our Partnership has embarked on a rising trend, especially from the viewpoint of financial performance, and succeeded in raising its resolve to its highest level since the airline was founded. At the beginning of last month, we also made a further public offering of 23% of our capital, close to 2% of which has been open to the public since 1990.

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