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Contents / Russia’s ‘Stronghold’ Moscow
Moscow, a world capital that will capture your heart and offer more than you ever imagined...

Red Square and the Kremlin are reason enough to visit Moscow. But in terms of its geographical situation, its political power and its art and architecture, this city, a ‘world capital’ with roots going back to a 6th century settlement of Slavs, forefathers of today’s Russian people, offers more than you can possibly imagine. Dignified, yet prone to surprises and magnanimous to a fault. So come on, let’s embark on an historical journey. To the house where the writer-genius Tolstoy spent the winters with his 13 children; to the lake where the famous composer Tchaikovsky was inspired to write his Swan Lake ballet music; to the office where Chekhov, obsessed with writing, practiced medicine to support his family; to the square where a monument, unveiled by Dostoyevsky, was erected to the great poet Pushkin, who fought a duel for love and was killed; to the luxurious dwelling of the celebrated writer Gorky, whose death, according to rumor, was ordered by Stalin;
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