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Contents / A warrior for knowledge Coskun Aral
After 30 years bearing witness to social developments in Turkey and the world, Coskun Aral has now hit the road with his bus in Anatolia and is busy spreading knowledge.

He is a photographer. A warrior for peace who, since the 1970s, has captured for us on film social developments in Turkey and the world, and while others were fleeing from wars he was running to report them, so that his photos appeared on the covers of such magazines as Time and Newsweek as he played an active role in shaping public opinion. He is a traveler who has been almost everywhere in the world. And he doesn’t keep his impressions to himself, but shares them with us, documenting the harsh face of reality where necessary, but at times also showing its beautiful side. He is a bearer of knowledge, a modern Robin Hood plodding through Anatolia to collect information from some and pass it on to others. In a word, he is a newsman: Coskun Aral. At the same time he is a recent father, with whom, as he chased after his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Deniz, we set out on a tour of the world!
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