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Contents / in the lap of the snow Davraz
On the slopes of Mt. Davraz in Isparta the snow looks like a white door to the sky. And when you open that door, you are enveloped in crystal...

The darkness of night opens with a purple curtain. Morning on Mt. Davraz then turns pink, orange and finally white, as snow crystals glitter in a gigantic bowl formed by the surrounding mountains. A fox sniffs at the footprints of a rabbit that hopped by not long before, and on the wide, snowy road an SUV strains uphill with skis tied to its roof. A rain of light falls on the mountain, on the rocks about to be wiped clean with a white eraser, on the snow-laden trees, and against the windows of the icicled hotel. You squint and reach in your pocket for the sunglasses as the skiiers in all their colors head for the lifts. Mt. Davraz stands like a calm, white murmur beneath the sun, whereas on my first trip here, last year, I had been greeted by a snowstorm. And what a storm it was! A terrific blizzard had kept everyone prisoner in the hotel.
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