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Contents / Ionia’s great port city Miletus
Miletus was a city primarily of nature, but also of writers, sculptors, town planners, historians and sages.

Civilization means water... An essential, if perhaps not often repeated, definition. So many places on earth bear witness to it, and Anatolia is one of them. The creators of the great civilizations have always been those who founded cities next to rivers, lakes and seas. And even if we overlook their temples rising to the sky, their majestic theatres, and their monumental avenues and sculptures, their sages still haunt us even today...

Some 2100 years ago today, Strabo, writer of the ‘Geography’, enumerates the sages of Miletus: “Among them were also Thales, one of the seven sages of the world, who originated mathematics and natural philosophy among the Greeks, and his student, Anaximandros, and Hecataios of the ‘Historia’, and Aiskhines, an orator who lived in my own time and was exiled for speaking out too freely in the presence of Pompey the Great.”
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