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Contents / The new face of felt
A legacy of nomadic culture, felt is today taking new shapes in the hands of designers as it becomes a part of modern life.

Felt is the new favorite of the designing world. A natural, warm material, it is the plainest form of wool, and for the past few years it has been presented in the trendy salons of European design fairs in a multitude of forms extending from decoration to jewelry. In all of them the feel is familiar, but the colors are now much bolder and more energetic. Felt originated in Central Asia and came to Anatolia in the 3rd century when some Turks migrated westward. As the years went by it became part of the Anatolian way of life, in the nomadic floor cloths and yurts and in the distinctive cloaks worn by shepherds.

Although it was widely seen in Anatolia, because of its ‘rough texture’ felt did not find its way into the palace during the Ottoman era.
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