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Dear Guests,
As an airline that places supreme importance on flight safety and security, we are proud to have been the chief sponsor of the IATA Safety Seminar that was held in September. As Turkey’s first member, since 1956, of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), our Company places high importance on IATA’s safety standards and takes its responsibility in this area very seriously. With the fastest growing fleet in its region, Turkish Airlines has successfully passed all the inspections required for implementing international regulations and, in particular, the directives issued by the Joint Aviation Authorities (European), or JAA. With a powerful, world-recognized technical infrastructure, Turkish Airlines also provides technical maintenance services to several domestic and foreign airlines, and the insurance companies attest to its success in the area of flight safety and security.
We are aware that some of our passengers had complaints regarding delays during the recent summer season. We would therefore like to assure you that we at Turkish Airlines have been striving recently to overcome these problems and that it is one of our primary targets to

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