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New York to Istanbul 49 hours and 15 minutes
Two young American pilots who made the longest flight in history from New York to Istanbul in 1931 in the Bellanca 'Cape Cod', were received personally by Atatürk.

" If this flight does materialize, it will be one of the biggest events in the history of aviation and we can't afford to run the least risk of missing it; let's go back, Anita." The speaker was Joseph C. Grew, America's first ambassador in Turkey, and Anita was his daughter.
It was July 30th, 1931. After a ten-hour wait, they had practically given up the vigil and started homewards. But Grew didn't want to be caught napping. For Istanbul was about to witness a world record. Together with Anita he turned back to the airfield. They were not the only ones waiting with bated breath. The Governor of Istanbul, the local Kaymakam, and a handful of local and international correspondents were all on hand to witness the historic event.

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