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Contents / An alphabet without letters Aprons

The beautiful aprons worn by the women of Anatolia while they work are symbolic of their life philosophy...

The apron is an indispensable item of apparel for the productive Anatolian woman, who ties it round her waist for working in the fields or tending the animals. Woven of wool on a home loom and embroidered in bright colors, it is an emblem of her world and philosophy of life. Villager, Turkmen, pastoralist or peasant, the woman of Anatolia weaves and decorates her own apron, a variation on the ankle-length apron worn by Artemis, the Ephesian goddess of fertility, expressing her dreams and expectations as well as the symbols of her religious faith in a vast array of embroidery stitches. And what all is not embodied in those designs, each one of which is a symbol unto itself? Stylized sunbursts, crescent moons, stars, evil eye talismans, the tree of life, snakes, ram's horns, a wide variety of triangular shapes, masculine and feminine symbols, various species of plants and flowers, colors, numbers... The list is endless.

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