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Welcoming Ramazan
Dining tables are going to take on new color starting October 5th when the holy month of Ramazan begins. But a word to the wise: watch your waistline!

Determined by the lunar calendar and falling in winter in recent years, the month of Ramazan has coincided with autumn for the last three. Shifting accordingly from enclosed venues to the out of doors, Ramazan dining is therefore more colorful and entertaining. Sacred throughout the Islamic world, Ramazan is a time when people fulfill their religious obligations while at the same time savoring the flavors of the extraordinarily tasty Ramazan dishes. Families, relatives and neighbors all together. But there is one pitfall that has plagued those who fast in recent years, namely the extra kilos one inevitably puts on.
Actually the important thing during the month of Ramazan is that those who fast not upset their metabolism as they carry out their religious commitment. Unfortunately, however, most

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