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Contents / Guest of the Month - ÖNDER KIZILKAYA

Above the clouds...
As the plane was climbing, a Turkish folk song welled up inside me: "Sometimes I climb up in the sky and watch the world / Sometimes I come down to earth and the world watches me." I like the seat next to the window. I look at the 'passenger information screen' in front of me to see where we are at that exact moment and then I find our coordinates on the map at the back of Skylife. When I've got a good idea of our location, I cast a quick glance down from the window. I feel as powerful as 'the thunderbolt-hurling Zeus' at that moment! Not 'thunderbolt-hurling' but 'flash popping' would be more like it, I suppose. That's how I shot it, with a flash bulb. My photo of the Balkans. We had left Bulgaria behind and were flying over Serbia towards Germany. The sky was brilliant, the earth verdant and my heart aflutter like birds' wings.
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