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Dear Guests,
Thanks to developments in our economy and a related rapid growth in the volume of trade, Turkey is experiencing a sharp rise in the demand for transport, both of passengers and of cargo. We announced earlier the good news that 51 new airplanes would join in the renewal and expansion our fleet over the past year to meet the growing demand, and we began working on ways to make your flights more pleasant and comfortable. To meet the rapidly growing demand on our domestic as well as international routes, we substantially increased the number of flights on the Istanbul-Ankara and Istanbul-Izmir lines in particular and started offering a 'shuttle' service throughout the day, sometimes as frequently as every half hour. In the near future we plan to increase the number of such shuttle flights in both directions between Istanbul and Ankara to 18 a day and between Istanbul and Izmir to 15 a day. Together with the new developments that we are offering you, we are also enjoying the pleasure of starting flights on the A310-300 cargo plane that was recently added to our fleet.

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