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Contents / Dignified and aristocratic Warsaw
Though history often makes it weep, Warsaw is always reborn from the ashes, and is perhaps the only city where gray can be beautiful.

Prague had its Kafka, and Hungary its Houdini. Warsaw, on the other hand, has a profound but proud melancholy. This is a city to which every century has brought desolation, war and disintegration; for nothing old that has not been erected on the old has lasted long enough to become old. A great attempt has been made at preservation, always in vain, but each time memory has helped in building anew. Unflaggingly, with never a complaint. In Poland, unlike in other countries of the former Eastern Bloc, you will never find anyone who complains of the devastation brought by World War Two. It's not that they have forgotten or don't attach importance to it. No, it's because a somewhat aristocratic, somewhat fatalistic attitude reigns over the city and its inhabitants. One of the best examples of this is the cemetery commemorating the soldiers who died in World War Two.
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