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Contents / The True Voice of Love Sezen Aksu
Sezen Aksu has influenced our lives for 30 years with her songs and original compositions. And we have never grown tired of listening to them.

Television in those days was black and white, and love was the real thing. Thirty years have passed since those first images flickered in our living rooms in the 1970s. Did she mesmerize us with her big, shining child-like eyes, or with her voice through which she poured her heart out with all her might? We'll never know. But ever since that day Sezen Aksu has been at our side every step of the way, her songs bearing intimate witness to our life and loves.
Many a night we spent listening to 'Don't you cry', crying when she said, "Don't cry," smiling when she said, "Smile". It was cathartic to cry. A profound sadness so heartfelt as to touch every wounded heart. And when she sang, 'The years unlived,' we too turned back to take a look at our lives, to let nothing go unsavored. We already knew we were 'no innocents', but somehow it was engraved in our minds through her song.
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