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Contents / A Step Toward The Future Istanbul Modern
Oya Eczacibasi, Chair of the Board at Turkey's first modern art museum Istanbul Modern, says, "With its exhibition halls, cafe, movie theater and library this is a living, dynamic museum that interacts with the public."

It was needed, and now it has come about. With the participation of numerous institutions, artists, statesmen and collectors, Istanbul's and Turkey's first museum of modern art has opened. The Chair of Istanbul Modern's Board of Directors, Oya Eczacibasi, says that they aim to change the static approach to museology and to make the institution a living art center while doing all that is required from a museological point of view. Having concluded agreements with international culture and art organizations as well as world-famous museums, Istanbul Modern aims to project not only the rich historical legacy of Turkey and the Turkish people, but also their contemporary and modern aspect, both to the Turkish society and to an international public with its art lovers.
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