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Contents / Coy bride of the east Kars
Kars, Anatolia's gateway to the east, is well worth visiting for its tasty cheeses, herbal honey, historic stone buildings, crystal snow, cold climate and warm people.

They call it "a frontier town". Anatolia's eastern gateway to the Caucasus and Central Asia. A place of uninterrupted settlement since the 10th century B.C., Kars for millennia has borne witness to Anatolia's historic melting pot of cultures. Hurrians, Urartus, Sassanians, Armenians, Byzantines, Mongols, Georgians, Seljuks, Ottomans and Russians-all made their way through this region up to the time of the Turkish Republic.

Besides all this, Kars is also Eastern Anatolia's coy bride in this most brutal of all climates. No sooner does winter arrive than she dons her fetching snow-white bridal veil.
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