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Contents / Land of white Kartalkaya
Kartalkaya is an important winter tourism spot that combines comfort with flawless natural beauty.

Who knows how may cities, towns and villages there are in the world that are named for the 'eagle'? But among those in Turkey the most famous is Kartalkaya ('Eaglerock') in Bolu province. To be compared with the eagle, which has been a symbol of power, strength and remoteness throughout history, a place must, above all, be regarded as very exceptional. Just like Kartalkaya, which is deemed worthy of being the rocky habitat of eagles.

Along with the ever popular Uludag and Kartepe, the highest peak on the shores of Lake Sapanca, Kartalkaya, which is the nearest to Istanbul of the three, is a major area for winter tourism that combines comfort with flawless natural beauty. With its well-equipped mechanical facilities, modern hotels, ski boutiques, pistes suitable for winter sports of every kind, and colorful nightlife, Kartalkaya has given Uludag a run for its money in recent years.
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