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Contents / A Secret invitation Antiocheia
Downing Taurus toward mid-February, Leo will bring plenty to the plain of Yalvaç as the prophets pass through Antiocheia of Psidia.

The first time my travels brought me to Isparta it was May, and like most Sagrak villagers museum week took me to Adada to enjoy the festival. In Turkish 'ada' means island, so the name of this city makes you think of waves and the sea, but as one of the 12 cities of Psidia it is up in the mountains and thus has been protected from the ravages of time. As I watched young girls dancing out in front of the Temple of Emperors-like the 'poppy' trees of these mountains they were decked in purple and pink-the old men of Sagrak village sitting in the rows ahead of me in their thick glasses and prayer caps kept murmuring the same word like an incantation: "Yalvaç, yalvaç, yalvaç..." Yalvaç is the largest county of Isparta province and contains the ancient city of Antiocheia. The root meaning of 'yalvaç' was supplicant, but over time the word took on new meanings to signify abettor, messenger of god, herald, and prophet.
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