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Contents / Tastes of Anatolian winter
The exigencies of nature have also shaped the cuisine of Anatolia in dishes that are healthy and practical as well as tasty.
In nature there is a time for everything. Snow in winter, falling leaves in autumn. And man, who is part of nature, also adapts himself to the seasons. As does his cuisine of course. Man, who is nourished according to the regional and seasonal conditions brought about by nature, has accepted this as being, albeit outside his will, perhaps for the best. The science that man has developed over the millennia as part of this process has shown in any case that when people adapt to the rhythms of nature, when they are nourished by the products of the region and seasons in which they live, they lead much healthier lives. This culture of eating which has evolved over the centuries based on necessity also throws light on today's contemporary world cuisine.
Anatolia is home to some 80% of all the foodstuffs in the world. And perhaps for this reason it has over the centuries been a favorite with the great civilizations and empires.
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