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Contents / The city of dreams Brussels

To truly explore Europe’s capital Brussels all you need is a suitcaseful of imagination...

Brussels is like an old book in our library. It has been overshadowed by the books on Paris and Amsterdam with their thick covers, or more precisely it has been left untouched. Patiently it waits its turn. Well, spring is here, the best time for Brussels. Why don’t we turn its pages?

The city lies on the River Senne, and it is no coincidence that they named it ‘Brocsella,’ meaning ‘house in the marsh.’ During the Middle Ages it lay on the trade routes, dealing in grains and textiles. Its trade routes ran from Bruges on the west, with its access to the North Sea, all the way to Cologne, and from Antwerp on the north down to Lille. The first castle was built in the 10th century on the island of St. Gery in the River Senne. Today it is famous not for its castle but for its cafés.
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