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Contents / Crowd-pleasers for 38 years The Kenters

At the Kenter Theater, founded by Yıldız and Müşfik Kenter and Şükran Güngör in 1968, the curtain opens in sickness and in health, even in death...

Yıldız Kenter was only eleven years old when she decided to enter the theater. With a little force she managed to get her way, despite all the resistance of her English-born mother of five. Kenter, who explains that the concept of ‘theater’ is the one for which she has shed the most sweat and tears and experienced the most anguish in her entire life, derives great happiness from having lived her life as an actor.

Although her little brother Müşfik, four years her junior, had no intention of becoming an actor, he slipped easily through the door that she had opened following such a struggle. Yıldız Kenter, who skipped several classes on her way to graduation from the Ankara State Conservatory, attributes her love of the theater in those years very simply to family reasons: “We were five siblings. My elder brother
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