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Contents / A magician of design Emrah Yücel

Emrah Yücel’s graphic designs, ranging from film posters to web sites, manage to be both commercial and artistic.

Perhaps he wasn’t as well-known then, but even before going to America Emrah Yücel was a successful designer. During a sleepless night of tossing and turning, he decided to upset his clockwork routine and start life all over in a new land. He doesn’t like to hear the ensuing success story recounted as if it were a Hollywood dream, for over the past decade he has run a grueling ‘life marathon.’ And though he may presently be the leading designer in Hollywood, he continues to run. If you visit his website at you will see that he is responsible for the posters advertising many of the films we know, have seen and love. Needless to say, his portfolio is not limited to posters, but is chock full of web sites, book covers, organizational image work and the like. He won the Key Art award two years running, and his work has been exhibited in such cities as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Glasgow. Iconisus, which he founded with his partner Stephan Lapp, is
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