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Contents / Time in Safranbolu

A largely preserved town with elegant mansions out of an old dream await visitors to Safranbolu.

As the mansion in which I am a guest creaks off to sleep, I lie stretched out on a floor mattress redolent of soap in the master bedroom, examining the wheel of fortune design on the ceiling. The silver studs in the geometric decoration on the ceiling of my room, which is reminiscent of an ornate wooden jewelry box, glitter like stars in the moonlight beaming in through the window. I tumble into one of my deepest sleeps ever in the sweet sandalwood-like scent. I am staying at the only bed & breakfast in the Safranbolu village of Yörük Köyü. For someone like myself who grew up in the soulless apartments of the big cities, or, as architect Vedat Dalokay calls them, the ‘human silos’, sleeping in an over 200-year-old wood frame house is the ultimate in luxury!


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